Crossroads Youth

The Youth Group is comprised of teens from thirteen to nineteen years old. On Sunday mornings, the youth stay in the sanctuary to hear the sermon. However, on Wednesday nights, the youth group meets in the classroom from 7-8 pm. Here, the youth have the opportunities to:

  • Read & discuss God's Word
  • Study a plethora of topics in depth, including but not limited to Hermeneutics, Apologetics, Theology, and more
  • Fellowship & engage with like minded peers
  • Participate in Youth Sundays (continue reading for more information)

Currently, the youth is being led by Tyler & Mandy Hughes. If you have any specific questions, please contact them. 

Youth Sundays

Every fifth Sunday, CATC has the tradition of allowing the youth of the church to direct and perform the worship services. Youth members can have several jobs based on their comfort level and practice. Some of these include: being a greeter, taking up the offering, prayer, leading worship, playing / singing in worship, and delivering a message. If you have a child that might be interested in participating, please see Tyler or Mandy Hughes.